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oismTh▓e 18,700 people of this very small ethn▓ic minority live in compact communities primarily in the t▓hree islands of Wanwei, Wutou and Shanxin in the Fangcheng Multi-ethnic Autonomous County, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,▓ near the Sino-Vietnamese border. About one quarter of them live among the Han and Zhuang ethnic groups in nearby counties and towns.The Jings live in a subtropical area with plenty of rainfall and rich mineral reso▓urces. The Beibu Gulf to its south is an ideal fishing ground. Of the more than 700 species o▓f fish found there, over 200 are of great economic value and high yields. Pearls, sea horses ▓and sea otters which grow in abundance are prized for their medicinal value. Seawater from the Beib▓u Gulf is good for salt making. The main crops there are rice, sweet potato, peanut, taro and mill▓et, and sub-tropical fruits like papaya, banana and longan are also plentiful. Mineral deposits include iron, monazi▓te, titanium, magnetite and silica. T▓he large tracts of mangroves growing in mar▓shy land along the coast are a rich source of tann▓in, an essential raw material for the tanning industry.The Jing people had their own s▓cript which was called Zinan. Created on the basis of the script of the H▓an people towards the end of the 13th century▓, it was found in old song books and religious scriptures. Most Jings read and write in the Han script because they have live▓d with Hans for a long time. They s▓peak the Cantonese dialect.The ancestors of the Jings ▓emigrated fro

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